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Please file new applications to join Narrow Path alliance on our new website, Narrow Path

Please follow one of the links from this page to reach The Narrow Path horde guild.  Thank you.
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       For Narrow Path Alliance please visit our new website at Narrow Path (Alliance)

          For The Narrow Path Horde please visit our new website at 
The Narrow Path (Horde)

Narrow Path
 A World of Warcraft Guild
on Thunderhorn US

Greetings Everyone!

Where did we get the name Narrow Path? 
In Matthew 7:13-14 It says this: 

"Enter through the narrow gate. 

For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction,
and many enter though it.
But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life,
and only few find it. "

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caricic, Feb 18, 11 2:54 PM.
As I hope everyone knows by now, we are changing to a new primary website.

While it will be a slight inconvenience, we ask everyone to submit a new app (and just mention you are a current member on it) which we will approve ASAP.  We are maintaining both sites for now, but would like to get switched over sooner rather than later.

As always, thanks for being part of our community.

Guild Achievement - The Lich King conquered in 25 man raid!

cpagliotti, Nov 22, 10 5:41 PM.
A great showing of talent, focus, teamwork and perseverance finally came all together to give the Narrow Path raiders our first 25 man Lich King kill on 11/07/10!. What a great feeling to finally conquer the last boss in Icecrown Citadel. Tremendous effort with everyone doing a great job including excellent leadership! Congrats to all who were able to attend. We actually have 2 pictures for this news headline since all our raiders could not be present for the first kill, we actually did it again on 11/18/10 so that everyone from our core group could get the achievement. Congrats to all for joining us for some fun. - Amarin. :)

Guild Achievement - Halion 25 man conquered!

cpagliotti, Nov 22, 10 5:32 PM.
In another great effort by the NP raiders, Halion the Twlight Destroyer has been conquered in 25man. A guild first happened on 11/09/2010. Congrats to all who were able to attend for some fun! - Amarin. :) 

10 man kingslayers!

Silicon Knight, Oct 31, 10 4:44 AM.
Earlier this year, a couple of our 10 man teams were finally able to catch to up to Arthas.  Through a lot of dedication and teamwork, they were able to bring the Lich King down!  Congrats to our 10 man teams for getting the job done and completing the expansion!

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